University College London (UCL) offers unrivalled opportunities for PhD research in all aspects of neuroscience. Specimen PhD projects are given below: the subjects studied range from the molecular biology of neuronal proteins, through cellular neuroscience, to the behaviour of sensory and motor systems and brain imaging. Neuroscience research is carried out in all of the College’s biomedical departments, by researchers who are among the leaders of their fields, using the most modern techniques to address important problems of basic and clinical neuroscience. Research labs are well funded, so that PhD students have the best chance of getting off to a productive start in their research. UCL produces the highest quality neuroscience research of any university in the country. For the field neuroscience it generates 30% of England’s contribution to the world’s most highly cited publications, more than twice as much as either Cambridge or Oxford, and in the sub-field of neuroimaging UCL and its hospitals produce 65% of England’s contribution to the world’s highly cited papers which is more than 4-fold larger than either of the runners up (Oxford and Kings College London). Accordingly it is an outstanding place to train the next generation of neuroscience researchers.


University College London
Gower Street, WC1E 6BT, London, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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